Your advertising budget is nothing to dismiss. The money you spend on advertising should pay off twofold:

Response. Whether it comes in the form of a direct sale, a question about your product/service, or at the very least a website hit for your business, your advertising should have a direct effect on your potential sales.

Branding. You want your business identity in the face of your sales prospects as often as you can and in much repetition. If your customer doesn't need you now, you want them to remember you when they do.

Cost. The cost of reaching your clients shouldn't be an overwhelming percentage of your budget. The Pyrates Way offers you the chance to get your advertisement to the audience you want to target. Each new issue is available for free to an international audience of millions. Your ad will be part of that new issue with an active link to your website or wherever you'd like that link to target, from Youtube to Facebook. The opportunity for your product or service to be seen by your targeted audience has just skyrocketed with instant availability. No longer will your potential customers have to put down the magazine, then go to the internet, type in your website and view. . . . we now give them the opportunity to access your website with the single click of their mouse.

Easy as Pie. Running your ad with us is super simple to do mate. First, decide on your ad size and pay for it via the options in the PayPal button link above. Second design your ad to the specifications also shown, OR if ye are design-impaired, have the Commodore design it for you. Just give him copy to use and images or just give him the basics and let him run with it. . . .this he does FREE for advertisers, (what a bargain). Third email your ad to the Commodore at We'll let you know when that issue becomes available so you can see it!

Advertising Rates. For as low as $30 you can purchase a full-color advertisement in The Pyrates Way. **PLEASE NOTE: ALL ADVERTISEMENT FILES MUST BE AT LEAST 150dpi.

$30 Quarter Page: 3.75"w x 4.625"h (vertical)
$60 Half Page: 7.75"w x 4.625"h (horizontal)
$100 Full Page: 7.75"w x 9.625"h (vertical)
$190 Full Spread: 16"w x 9.625"h (horizontal)

Issue and Closing Dates
Spring - Publishing April 1 - Reservation Deadline March 1 - Ad Art Deadline - March 25
Summer - Publishing July 1 - Reservation Deadline June 15 - Ad Art Deadline - June 25
Autumn - Publishing October 1 - Reservation Deadline Sep. 1 - Ad Art Deadline - Sep. 25
Winter - Publishing January 1 - Reservation Deadline Dec. 1 - Ad Art Deadline - Dec. 25

Advertising Ordering (via PayPal)
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