About The Pyrates Way
    The Pyrates Way is the single brain-child of Steve Kimball, or as he's known in the pirate community, "Commodore Black Fox." It's not just a magazine, it's his "baby." He loves it so much that there is a tattooed treasure map upon his right bicep with "The Pyrates Way, est. 2006" upon it. He has promised that The Pyrates Way, in whatever form it might take in the future, will be around as long as he can take a breath of sea air.

    The Pyrates Way is your home for all things pirate. We touch upon Pirate history now and again but only if there is some new tale or angle to reveal. There are so much pirate lore, books, and blogs in the world that we try very hard to give you something you've not seen before and make it interesting. Did you know that Black Bart Roberts, notably the most bloody pirate of all, was a tea-toddler and kept to the Sabbath? Did you know that there is a major contention among historians that Black Beard was NOT Edward Teach from Sprightstown, Bristol but rather Edward Beard from the Sprightstown of Barbados? Did you know that the Pastafarian religion takes the absence of pirates in our modern world has a direct correlation with global warming? Whether you care about how much mercury a ship's barber-surgeon injected into one's nether-regions to quell one's venereal disease or what Jean LaFoote was going to do with all that Cap'n Crunch cereal when he got it, we cover it in The Pyrates Way. It's a magazine for pirates and wenches, not historically-accurate re-enactors who look down their noses at "polyester pirates."

    We entertain you with our humor, inspire you with our historical accounts, and tantalize you with our wenches. . . plus there's rum. Every issue targets a new brand of rum. Rum, wenches, adventure, history, and gunpowder. . . THAT's what pirates are all about. . .not knots or proper linen slops or period-correct chanteys. . . it's about FUN, says us, and over 2-MILLION downloaders of our publication agree with us.
About Commodore Black Fox
    Steve "Commodore Black Fox" Kimball is publisher, editor, writer, layout artist, designer, photographer, ad salesman, marketing director, web master, administrator, accountant, and any other job that needs doing. . . i.e. The Pyrates Way is a one-man job, although he enjoys using the royal "we" when talking about the magazine's staff.

    Steve spent 10 years as a Navy Journalist after graduating High School with a major in Art. His short-lived career in the Navy allowed him to experience the life as a photojournalist, a broadcaster, and a public affairs specialist. After the Navy, Steve worked as an editor, author and proofreader in the publishing arena. He's also had experience in the print industry as a CAD specialist, plate inspector, four-color stripper, and finally as an electronic pre-press technician. During this time, he rose up the ranks of several marketing and printing companies to the role of Art Director while raising a family and went to night school for another 10 years, finally getting his degree in Publication Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art at the age of 39.

    It was also about this time that Steve found his life changed by two important events. He met and married Cynthia "Noir Cyn" Kimball and fell in love with both Renaissance Faires and Pirate Festivals. In both cases, he'd come home to what his prior life was preparing him for. . . . The Pyrates Way.

    How can Steve perform all the tasks that the magazine asks of him alone? Because he can. It's everything he's ever done and every experience ever undertaken that's created this well-rounded pirate called Commodore Black Fox. He's a huge self-promoter which has made him unpopular with those who lack the creativity and will to do all of this. He's also become unpopular with those who revel in their historical accuracy as pirates. . . who are embarassed when he asks them "How many ships have you plundered? How many women have you raped? How many murders have you committed to rob a man of his tin?" Truly, to answer those questions in the affirmative makes you a true pirate in every accurate historical sense. The actions a person takes makes him a historically-accurate pirate, not whether his buttons are made of shell. (They really hate that!)

    Thus, much like The Pyrates Way, Steve approaches the idea of piracy in a tongue-in-cheek vein. He speaks his mind, often with a sarcastic tone, and enjoys the lattitudes that come with others knowing that they're getting the "real deal" with Steve "Commodore Black Fox" Kimball, sometimes offering not what you want to hear but rather what you may need.

    He loves flirting with his wenches and sharing a grog with his mates. He'll tell jokes into the wee hours or until yer sides split from laughter and he never, ever, takes anything too seriously, for truly, if you're going to live in any way, live The Pyrates Way.




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