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• Electronic Release Date: October 1, 2015 (DOWNLOAD)

About this Issue
Issue Number 29 marks the first of four issues to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of The Pyrates Way. The cover model is Kyra Kimball, daughter of our publisher Commodore Black Fox who also graced the cover of our Scallywags back in 2009.

Queen Anne's Revenge - Finding Blackbeard's Ship
Pulp Pyrates - Pirate Fiction of the 1940s
The Bermuda Triangle - Pyrates, Nature, or UFOs?
The Lego Pyrate Empire - Ruling the toy world, one child at a time.
Ship's Articles - Pyrate Code or more of Guidelines?
Black Sails Season Two - An episode guide
Pyrates 4 Patriots - An Update on the biggest meeting of pyrates ever!

2015-2016 Pyrate Events Calendar
Six Wenches of the Quarter
DVD Review -
CD Review - Treasure of Old by Musical Blades
Book Review - Treasure in the Moonlight by Brian Hill and Dee Power